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The 13th (Guangzhou) World Tourism Expo concluded successfully

Issuing time:2021-01-19 16:30

The 12th (Guangzhou) World Travel Fair 2015, CO sponsored by Shanghai Tourism Administration and VNU European Exhibition Group and organized by Guangzhou tourism exhibition promotion center and Shanghai Wanyao Qilong Exhibition Co., Ltd., was successfully concluded in Shanghai Exhibition Center on May 10.

This year, 750 joint exhibitors from 50 countries, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, covering an area of about 16000 square meters, were invited to the exhibition. The national tourism administrations of Lithuania, Dominica and Senegal organized the exhibition for the first time, and the exhibition scale of Turkey, Sri Lanka and Mexico expanded significantly. The Shanghai summit and theme exhibition of the world medical tourism conference and the 17th Shanghai Tourism Commodities Expo were held on a large scale. Jinjiang, Shanghai CTS, Shanghai Airlines International Travel, spring and autumn, Shanghai CYTS, China CYTS, China Eastern Airlines International Travel, Huating overseas, Datong travel, never night city international travel, Shanghai Airlines holiday, Nanjing Dahua and other top travel agencies all appeared in the exhibition, with a record number and scale.

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